Quality is not an act; it's a habit.

Photovoltaic projects rely on high quality products that stand the test of time for inputs ranging from engineering design to financing and more. Trina Solar’s products have always maintained high reliability and solid performance based on our commitment to our quality-first policy. In our upstream business model, we tightly control quality over every step of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field. We guarantee the quality of our products with an industry-leading 25-year lifetime warranty.

In our downstream business model,Trina Solar follows strict compliance with national regulations and industry standards, including Chinese National Standards GB 50797 "Photovoltaic Power Station Design Specifications,” GB 50794 "Photovoltaic Power Plant Construction Specifications,” GBT 50866 “Design Code for Photovoltaic Power Station Connection to Power System and GBT 19939 "photovoltaic system Grid technology requirements,” among others. With an innovative solar design team, rigorous procurement procedures and experienced construction and operation team, we have more than 15 years’ worth of hands-on expertise in PV project development.

In-house quality tests
Global Standard
PV company to receive UL's Client Test Data Program Certification
Years of guaranteed performance
Third Party
Verified PAN files for all products
Manufacturing equipment with stainless steel surfaces

Quality focus starts from product inception

The engineering team places a major emphasis on both process and equipment capabilities. Every material going into the product is heavily tested during the product design to ensure the highest quality standard and level of reliability.

Quality control throughout the whole value chain

Trina Solar ensures the highest quality standards for our PV products across the entire supply chain. This mitigates risks and increases return on investment. Because of our dedication to delivering high-quality PV products, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) named Trina Solar as a top bankable module supplier, five times in a row since 2016. Trina Solar is the only module manufacturer to be rated as fully bankable for five consecutive years by 100% of the experts participating in the BNEF survey. This is a high honor and a strong endorsement for our product quality.

Factory worker with equipment working on solar panel

Internal product verification tests are stricter than IEC/UL requirements

With over 200 in-house tests and a state of the art research and development lab, Trina goes beyond requirements to deliver the highest quality product to customers. From one end of the supply chain to the other, customers can trust the quality and reliability of Trina.

Having a method for assessing a PV system's reliability and safety is vital to Trina

As part of its commitment to quality and reliability in its own products and across the solar industry, Trina Solar has partnered with third-party testing groups, including TUV Rheinland Group, China General Certification Center, China Quality Certification Center and UL. In 2012, Trina Solar became the first solar PV company to obtain UL's Client Test Data Program certification after undergoing a rigorous inspection and audit process.  In 2017, Trina Solar received the first CQC's witnessed Manufacturer's Testing certification in the Solar Industry.

Solar panel installation in desert with mountains in background

Performance you can count on

Your solar project is an investment that will span decades, and you need a company that will be there to support its products throughout their life span. At Trina Solar, we offer an industry-leading Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for 25-30 years on a linear degradation schedule.

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Customer quality platform

Our dedicated Customer Quality Engineering (CQE) department is responsible for handling Customer Feedback & Claims to ensure customer satisfaction. CQE also take care of Factory Audit & Customer Inspections and make sure all customer visits, audits and product inspections can be carried out smoothly.